About Us

Meet Laceé Meadows Venue

All the more, as an owner, I stand amazed here today, to share God’s wonder, His ultimate plan….my thoughts reflect on past days, while making sweet memories, today.

EST. 2020

Laceé Meadows is a family owned and operated venue- built with love and attention to every detail. We aspire for your wedding to be a true image of your marriage to come and want the setting to not only be breathtaking, but also a place so filled with love and prayer that it truly feels like Home.

We foremost give credit to God for all that we are, and all that we have because He truly made it all possible. We hope to honor Him by loving and serving you to the best of our ability. We would be so honored and know that it is a privilege to be chosen as the backdrop in your photos and part of writing the first chapter of marriage together.

We look forward to adding y’all to our Laceé Meadows family!

Many Blessings,

Jan and Don Dial